terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Who knew.

You took my hand, you showed me how. You promised me you've be around. That's right. I took your words and I believed in everything you said to me. That's right. If someone said three years now, you'd be long gone. I'd stand up and punch them out, causa they're all wrong. I know better, cause you said forever and ever, who knew. Remember when we were such fools and so convinced and just too cool. No no. I wish I could touch you agan. I wish could still call you friend. I'd give anything. When someone said count your blessings now, 'fore they're long gone. I guess I just didn't know now, I was all wrong. They knew better, still you said forever and ever, who knew. I'll keep you locked in my head. Until we meet again, and I won't forget you my friend. What happened? (...) That last kiss, I'll cherish, until we meet again. And time makes, it harder, I wish I could remember. But I keep your memory. You visit me in my sleep. My darling, who knew. I miss you.

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